2017 Entries

Laura Gillam + Worm as Chameleon

Zoe Beveridge + Jade

Tim Coad and David Oliver Lennon + In The Dark 5

Tilly Clough + Alma

Tess Campbell + The Angler

Shantelle Perry + Spanipelagic

Sam Field + Smoking and Drinking at Maharaja Curry Palace

Rachel Kumar + A Lesson In Patience

Nomee Kellett + A Reminder

Nicky Osborn + The Sinners and the Cider Drinkers

Mat Carey + Self Portrait Post Flamingo Hotel, Vegas, 2016

Luke Andree + Self Portrait on Pink

Luke Conroy + The (Re)Living City

Liam James + Portrait of a Younger Man

Kirsty Flint + Palawa Man

Joshua Andree + Second Season

Joohee Lee + Ranae Hewitt (Jung Kyeong Ran)

Jenelle Lovell + Nosce Te Ipsum

Jasper Da Seymour + Beacon

II Gatto + Portrait of an Artist

Grace Chia + Hydrangea

Georgia Lucy + Cheerful Whistling Permitted

Felicity Lovett + Fallout

Emily-Rose Wills + The Mistresses of Jupiter

Dexter Rosengrave + Wrestle/Self Portrait

Daisie Bindoff + Grandmother, 2017

Cordell Richardson + Raymond Arnold

Caitlin Silberberg + Guardians of the Gate

Brodie Weeding + The Cheeky Centenarian

Andrew Green + Paul

Amelia Whiterod + Blue Dylan

Abigail Giblin + I Carry You Here

Amber Perez Wright + My friend Jon is lonely