2019 Entries

Adam Norris + There There

Alyce Bailey + Gumnuts and Buttons

Zoe Grey + Mum and Dad and Home

Wesley Miles + The Scream of the Scratch

Tim Coad + Self-Portrait at 22, July 4th 2019

Tilley Wood + Erin Our Star

Tara Bursic + 16 Year Old Me & OCD

Sidney Davies + 730 Days (For The People)

Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie + Your Mother’s Eyes, Your Father’s Nose

Shantelle Perry + Skies During Wartime

Sam Nolan + History in the middle

Rhianna Gumley + Tim

Rebecca Whyte + Not Contemporary Enough

Nicola Gower Wallis + Laura

Milly Crombie + Mickey

Laura Johnson + Head Girl

Katelyn Geard + Athol

Joshua Andree + Self Portrait with Overturned Wheel Barrow

Joelle Lanfranconi + A World For Myself

Joel Parkinson + Within Without

Jessica Horton + Rest At Last

Jasmin Ellis + Poppy

Jacob Collings + Moon

Harry Holcombe-James + My Dad

Hanna Batstone + The Barely Living Tasmanian

George Kennedy + Mongrel

Emma Barratt + “Charlie”

Ellena Munday + Stillness

Corinna Howell + Portrait of Jan Hogan

Chas Hughes + A Night at the Buffet

Brodie Weeding + Garbo

Ariel Ruby + Iris and Friends

Arabella Phillips + Navigating