Ariel Ruby - The Italian Museum (Nonna's House)

On the top of a hill in Mt Stuart is The Italian Museum, owned and operated by Maria Palmese. Every visit to the family home fosters an appreciation of objects, along with a deeper understanding of their valuable history and memory. The cabinet of porcelain salt and pepper shakers, magnums of vintage liquor, a well stocked pantry and the yearly emergence of a miniature nativity scene are some highlights of the space. Maria’s orchid collection is something to behold, with her vast array all stemming from just 2 plants found more than 25 years ago. They are so beautiful that The Italian Museum has become the victim of an ongoing string of thefts, with a record 9 plants stolen this year.

This video is an ode to my Nonna and her home and garden, using a collection of objects and organic elements that portray her creativity and vast collections, along with elements of cultural identity and tradition. The passing of time is represented by coloured plumes that move through decorative compositions, alternating in ebbs and flows as metaphor for a rich and eventful life, arriving from Napoli in 1962 to spend 56 years (and counting) here in Hobart.