After driving the back roads of Burnie discussing their secret relationship and other life matters, Adam dropped her on the side of the highway outside the rusted pulp mill so she could take a walk and clear her mind.

This is the last moment she was ever seen again.

She is Helen Munnings.

Fast forward to the 10th anniversary of Helen’s disappearance which recently passed and yet still no clues emerge as to her whereabouts. Adam insists he isn’t responsible. Her family believe she was murdered and police can’t find the missing puzzle piece. A seemingly straightforward case on the surface, when in reality it masks an entwinement of mystery and unexplained circumstances.

I chose to capture this subject and this moment not only because of its current relevance to the anniversary but because it still unearths deeply raw emotional responses from those who knew Helen best, as well as the entire North-West Tasmanian community.

This wasn’t created to cause pain, controversy or to reopen old wounds but rather to remind us that a young mother is out there who had her future taken away and left behind a broken family who refuse to rest without answers.