I was a little nervous to ask… inviting myself around to make a mask, and then a video. you performed your infamous tiger growl and showed me mum’s house, with all her succulents. The sun shone autumn yellow as we walked, pausing for birds, playing with numbers. It is a gift to share this moment here, to celebrate your twelfth year, and all your bright courage.

This video is dedicated to all the bright skies ahead of you, Spencer. Spencer is a beloved student at Mount Stuart Primary School, who lives with his mum, dad and sister Ruby in Hobart’s neighbouring suburbs. Following complications at birth, Spencer was diagnosed with Cardio- Facio-Cutaneous Syndrome (CFC)- an extraordinarily rare condition that affects his physical and cognitive abilities. Throughout the year that I have worked alongside Spencer, I have become progressively more moved by his palpable courage; a joyousness which impacts all who are near to him, a brightness that deserves to be shared. With love.