Content Warning; Mention of suicide.

Neither Here nor There is both an evocation of my struggle to survive and a marker of my ongoing resilience.

Being transgender (trans) is not easy. Because my body disrupts the gender binary, society at large seeks to categorise, normalise and erase my identity. This experience often triggers feelings of severe discomfort and invalidation which has provoked me to consider suicide more than once as a way out of my despair. I am not alone in this struggle; 1 in 2 trans people will attempt suicide in their lifetime. For my community, the battle for survival is never ending.

In this self-portrait, I co-opt the action of erasure by subversively applying it to my body in order to articulate and create visibility of the trans lived experience. By turning erasure into a process that I have control of, I’m embodying the gestural experience of being in a perpetual state of transition. My image is on my terms.

Neither Here nor There is an acknowledgement of how members of the trans community continually confront discomfort to reclaim their agency and push through oppression.

For crisis support and suicide prevention call Lifeline on 13 11 14