You can travel the world over in search for what you need and come home to find it. That is Rosemary, home. A woman of fidelity, patience, innovation and benevolence. She grew up on a farm in an unbounded location, Selbourne Tasmania. Life on the farm gave her character and resilience just as hard work taught her diligence. With a strong sense of justice Rosemary has worked as an officer of the law and in social care whilst also a volunteer for just causes.

An educated, well-travelled individual who has multiple projects happening at one time, spontaneity is no stranger to her. Having reared six children, you can imagine most people would lose their cool but not Rosemary, she is always composed. A loyal and devoted friend with an ever-calm demeanor, Rosemary has a place for you, no matter who you are. Without judgement, she sees you. Without hesitation, she is willing to be your support. And with an open mind she has a loving place to let you be, exactly who you are.