An organic moment appears a staged fairy tale; a well of feminine strength and energy shone as we silently undressed without conferring. This place, this time, this experience, marked the beginning of a new understanding of home. Where I once looked to place, I began to look to people. I sought experiences rather than reflecting on memories. These women, this  circumstance, brought me to be present in the now rather than relentlessly reflecting upon the past.

This is a small, yet integral, glimpse into a journey of growth and development through  relocation… Although beautiful, I have not felt that Hobart is home, and perhaps this rings true from a geographical standpoint, for I have lived and loved my natal place my whole life.  Nevertheless, I have developed a fondness for specific locations linking to experiences and people. Place is the axis in the composition of my understandings, thoughts and idea of self. Familiarity offers warm comfort to the tension of intellectually understanding home, the tension between two places, the pull and tug of geography.

Yet it settles. In the feeling of bare-naked skin kissed by sunlight, caressed by the breeze, with undemanding companionship. The mistresses, the natural environment and learning to know my body and my mind in another city; the notion of home is shifting. Abstracting.