Partner in crime.

The temperature in Fern Tree at the time of working on this was probably n0ught degrees. It was also dark. This work is a tropical version of the truth, to me Callum is a vibrant bulb of energy and ideas. He emits vitamin D all over me. A rainbow firework. Callum says he’s colour blind. So he gets all the paints in my box.

Callum is doing the dishes. He is in his pyjamas, thinking up a storm and keeping his hands warm.

He is quiet at the sink but sometimes you can hear the pitch shift of a wok being tapped with a spoon whilst getting slid into the dishwater. This is the the sud bells. A cool sound. I hear it and the currawong crowd perched on the relics of a treehouse hear it too. Callum Cusick is always making music. He can’t help it.

Look at those massive Tasmanian arms, My what mighty hands! These Features I celebrate at a stretch because of how they hug, lift and piano. I’m a lucky fellow.

I had been drawing Callum every day for weeks before starting this painting. At the sink I found I could get a good stint done. Callum is very thorough. Now in the kitchen there are more sketches of Callum then there are rubber bands around this tap.