This is Neville. He is my musical mechanic. This year marks the 35th anniversary of Neville’s running’s of the Sky line service station. This sign hangs in that service station which is situated on Huon Road slightly below the KEENS CURRY sign and above the skyline of Hobart. His lovely wife Lynn operates the till, bowsers and serves chocolate coated raspberry jellies.

Last October on my way down the mountain, Neville showed me a picture from a long time ago of a band playing in his service station. I asked if our band All the Weathers could put on a gig there too to help us raise petrol money for our tour to Perth and back. He was stoked. Four bands played. We asked him to service our 1992 Toyota Seca before our ferry date. He went to the garage to get a ‘special tool’ and returned with this hand crafted glitter star wand. He waved the wand over the bonnet and sent us on our way. The car got us there and back in 14 days. We drove right through the South Australian mid latitude cyclone that caused the state to black out for 4 of those days.