Harriet Wilson - Crete

Earlier today I was in Russia, standing on the Novosibirsk Oblast Highway, enjoying the sights. It was a wet morning. The sky was grey and there wasn’t much to see except a few bus stops and traffic posts. I had been here before, after a trip to Japan that I made the previous evening.

This painting is a moment that I captured in Crete, Greece on Google Street View. These people were stuck in a glitch and their bodies had morphed into one. They were frozen in time and had been since 2007. I wondered if they knew this and more importantly if they knew that a girl in Tasmania was viewing their tangled bodies sun bathing on the beach. Probably not. This distorted version of reality and an overexposure to imagery made me feel like these people on the beach was flat, I had lost senses, everything was half-present and I too was frozen in time.