I welcome you to have your moment with a person I care for dearly.

Remove the glasses from the frame and allow them to focus your vision as if you were recalling a memory. The glasses frame our connection with the subject. For the time you wear the glasses you create and experience your own personal connection fuelled by your own perspective. The personal experiences the viewer brings pertain just as much to the clarity of the image as the glasses.

The perspective we bring cuts through the dense white fog of emotional complexity to convert human nature into a palatable image. Yet these moments of personal clarity do not represent true understanding of the subtle nuances and experiences that makes the subject unique.

True understanding takes patience and trust. Trust that you can allow those you love to become lost within the confusion and grit. Remove the glasses allow yourself to move beyond the crutches of a polished fantasy accept the blemishes and idiosyncrasies of those you love they are not failings or detractions.

The true failing would be for me not to respect a dear friend, I will forgo my lens and step into the white unknown.