Shane stops at nothing, he lives exactly on his terms. He represents everything he wants to be and everything he aims to be.

He holds no concept of fear. He boldly propels himself head first off cascading waterfalls in nothing more than a plastic shell and can launch with two wheels and a few ball bearings from vertical walls of earth he calls “jumps”.

Shane is as honest as the blade on his axe and as true as the strength of his shovel. He is humble, quiet and the nicest human you most likely will never meet.
As real in the flesh as you see him in this print, Shane is one of the few people I am graced to know.
Lucky to be here like a lot of us, the difference is Shane treats everyday like a gift and inspires those around him to be amplified versions of themselves.

I find myself constantly looking up to Shane as the stoic, humble yet unknowing super hero that he is.