Divorce is on the rise, but so too is unhappy cohabitation. A child of a toxic family unit does not always have someone to look up to, or the luxury of a mentor. The most important person for that child often must be themselves. Learning this is a lengthy process and knowing oneself, outside that trauma, might not be achieved until later in life. Nosce Te Ipsum, a self-portrait, represents one such journey, not easily discussed in words. A mixed-media piece, created predominately in a soft gouache palette with an illustrative style, helps to demonstrate the dissociation from reality a child might feel in this situation.

A full nest placed upon her crown illustrates the constant influence of the family and the hidden cracks. Wilderness grows around her and pure white moths settle, representing transformation. Her naïve heart is worn for all to see, but she is never as happy as she seems. With an unfocused gaze towards the turbulent sky, she contemplates her first bite from the apple and the guilt associated with her hard-won independence. Nosce Te Ipsum attempts to pull back the veil on the silent struggle of a broken home and the importance of unrelenting kindness.