Whether it is a building, or in someone’s arms, home is where you can naturally be yourself, without giving it any more thought. It’s where you can feel and express self-love and love for others in its highest form. This piece is of my significant other and me in his childhood home in the bush which we live in together.

When I started painting it I envisioned us being embraced by this powerful creature of earth and light. It is tenderly holding us close to its heart. Protecting us. Nurturing us. During painting, it dawned on me that this creature has been me all along, expressing my love and care for what we have. A self-portrait of finally having found a sense of home. I feel unlimited appreciation for Tasmania and its unique wild beauty. I also feel very protective of this land and its creatures.

It is a truly rare thing that our world came to exist in this universe and I think as humans we have a responsibility to take care of it. My father who has been painting with me since I can remember introduced me to aquarelle.