I first met Ranae at the University of Tasmania. I was promoting my home university as I’m an exchange student from South Korea. After a while of conversation, I was very surprised when she mentioned that she was born in Korea. She said that she was adopted from Korea into an Australian family when she was an infant. The tradition of domestic adoption has not been looked upon favorably due to the broken family line.

I felt so sorry and shameful about what happened to her as a Korean. However despite all of these difficulties, she looked at her situation very optimistically and lives her life with fun and energy. I was very impressed and couldn’t help but hold her in respect. As I felt Influenced by her lifetime, I wanted to draw a happy wonderful moment from her life; her wedding day. Her wedding photograph was in gray scale, so I created color by using my imagination while I’m drawing and thinking about her day. I hope Ranae continues to shine brightly as her life goes on.