Figures in red, strangers in an unknown world. Memory and identity are closely linked, yet memory deceives, is broken and reconstructed. This self-portrait explores the middle ground between experience and memory and the fugitive nature of remembering and its role in picturing the “self”. Layered imagery works to evoke memories of a childhood, with the possibility of a disturbance and incongruity written between the lines.

While being a reflection on memory and the reconstruction of identity, this is also a portrait of myself and my twin brother. Experiences of a childhood spent together fuse lyrically, where the almost seen acts as a burst of memory. The inquiry into this relationship becomes a layered paradox of the intentional and unintentional, based on a personal investigation into moments of perceived, yet unclear remembered experiences.

My approach to portraiture in this sense deliberately eludes the clear representation of self or identity, and focuses on what falls between, and the struggle to create identity in both a changing world, and in relation to another.