In this portrait, I applied an intimate technique to the canvas, working directly with my bare hands. I used Rembrandt soft chalk pastel to create the face and the background. I subtly incorporated acrylic paint onto the tie. I blended soft chalk pastel to create the various light and dark shadowed areas. I incorporated an Aboriginal stylised background, which connects to the sitter, David’s own cultural background. David is a young and proud Aboriginal man, his people being the Tasmanian Palawa People.

David was born into the small and isolated  community of Flinders Island. David left his family, community and home when he was 15 to seek further education. He was extremely homesick at first, suffering “culture shock” missing his family and local community from which his Aboriginal cultural links were derived. He is now an associate commercial lawyer at Worrall Lawyers and is an inspiration to the Aboriginal community, not only for being a successful lawyer but also for being a talented ultrarunner.

David has achieved many accolades and awards for his running, including four national  records. The aim of the painting is to demonstrate the continuity and adaptability of Aboriginal culture in the modern world.