“One of the girls obviously had a big night (and she certainly looked like that). She was coughing quite a bit and as I have immuno-compromised I was rather concerned about that.  also it appeared she had personal belongings scattered in the hotel which I didn’t think looked professional.” – Anonymous, Trip Advisor.

This is a painting to honor my mate Worm. She is reclining in camo, with her cats, Luna and Savvy and some of her personal belongings in a colonial hotel in Hobart, which she cleans most mornings.

Worm grew up in Portland, Victoria and moved to Hobart with Luna and Savvy in 2013. She loves animals and tends to hate most people. She paints, sews, swears, parties and smokes. Her Dad is from Armenia and sometimes people ask if she is a Muslim or a Kardashian. To me, she is a rebel girl, a strong, fearless woman with a badass attitude. She smokes ciggies so she coughs a bit, I’m not too concerned about that though. While some cast earthworms as lowly, to me worms are one of the most important creatures. They go about their business regardless of what others think. They can cut through shit, bring life to death and remain humble.