It feels very easy to pronounce ideas of love through poetry and art, but conversations around friendship are often left to the realm of hallmark cards. I have tried to write this statement several times and struggled. I wanted to discuss Aristotle’s three types of friendships and the concept of male homosocial intimacy, but when I did this it seemed cold and academic. When I tried to write sincerely and with lyricism it felt sappy and trite. So instead I have written what I see.

This is a portrait of Gus Romer. He is five years my junior. This photo was taken on set during another shoot. It was an accident. When I look at it I see someone whom I care for; and I know cares for me. I hope it feels intimate. He always looks good in chipped nail polish. I think it reveals something of Gus; I think he will like that. It is softly awkward and almost tense. I wanted to share this image because people are often uneasy with homosocial intimacy.