Recently I’ve been told quite a few times to live life on the wild side. This made me think; at which end of the spectrum? It has made me question, at which wild side am I living? Is it where I’m not taking anything in life for granted, taking chances and simply conquering everything life throws at me; admittedly not always with confidence but the key word there being conquering. Or am I living on the opposite end of this said ‘wild side’ where things become destructive and recklessness takes over and you no longer care?

Sometimes we need to be reminded of how beautiful and simple life can be. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are only human, we can’t do everything; we expect so much, particularly of ourselves, and we get lost in our own stresses. At different times we will all be living on the wild side of life whether it be good or bad. Sometimes it takes someone else in your life to shine a light on what is really important and tell you not so much how you should be living your life but giving you a fresh outlook that is sometimes desperately needed.