Most people are familiar with the term “patience is a virtue” – the idea that the ability to wait for something is a valuable quality in a person. I’ve been told that this is a quality I often lack. I’ve been told that I’m flammable, that I’m capable of igniting easily and burning up quickly when patience is required. Sometimes I disagree with this analogy, but it’s definitely food for thought when considering this self-portrait.

Earlier in the year, I injured my hand and was consequently unable to draw or paint for some time. The recovery period was, for a lack of a better word, shit. As it is for many, art is my way of filtering my thoughts which at times can seem so inconceivably vast, or cosmic, if you will. The use of colour in this piece emulates these thoughts, whilst the grey tones speak to the arduousness of my recovery period with an equally arduous medium: biro. Drawing in biro takes a great deal of patience and this self-portrait ultimately was and is, for me, a lesson in patience.