Society frowns upon women participating in male dominated sports. It’s seen as unladylike for females to play particular sports, such as AFL, rugby and even cricket.
However talented these athletes may be they face so much more scrutiny and criticism than their male counterparts will ever have to deal with.
“Women’s sports in general not worth watching.”

“But you cannot run as fast as guys…”

“Surly you mean you play non-contact.”

“Like, do you all shower together, that would be hot.”

“I mean you will never make it professional playing sport, you’re a girl.”

“There is no way you would be strong enough…”

“Plus size girls shouldn’t be playing contact sports, maybe you should try cycling instead.”

“And this is why woman shouldn’t play rugby.”

These are just a few things females that play male dominated sports hear on a weekly basis, and maybe they are right, but;

Maybe I am not that strong, but I can stop another human running full speed at me with my body.

Maybe women’s sports are not that entertaining, but I play for my enjoyment not yours.

Maybe I will never make it professional, but even if I did I would still have to work my normal job, as female athletes make a fraction of what a male doing the same job does.

Maybe women shouldn’t play rugby, but that’s my call not yours.