Sam Mountford & Tess Campbell - The Rest

Jonathan and Rick are the owners of Magnolia73, an iconic cafe on Main Road, Moonah. They purchased their Lenah Valley home in 1999, migrating from Melbourne’s inner North and opening their first cafe together in South Hobart. Since moving their business to Moonah Jonathan and Rick have become a vital and vibrant addition to the social fabric!

Homemade cake and coffee aside, what makes Magnolia73 exceptional is Jonathan and Rick’s love of ornamentation which extends from the walls to their bodies. Jonathan is a multimedia artist whose work explores representations of masculinity throughout history and Rick was previously a martial arts teacher with a black belt in Taikwondo.

Like the cafe, their home is a reflection of their interest in Eastern philosophy and mysticism, their appreciation of form and a particular penchant for the kitsch. The house is named ‘The Rest’: after long days at work they sit by the fire with their dog Karma and Jonathan reads novels while Rick plays video games!