My Dad has been an oyster farmer for over thirty years. He owns and operates a small farm by himself on Bruny Island. I have worked on and off the farm with dad since I was a teenager, becoming more involved through my mid twenties. It was through this time I gained a true understanding into how much discipline and hard work goes into running an oyster farm.

Summer time on the farm is very appealing. The days are longer, you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the beers go down well in the afternoon sun. Winter time on the other hand is both physically and mentally demanding. It’s Tough. The early mornings are dark and bitter cold, making it a challenge to jump out of your sleeping bag and into your waders.

Dad is a hard worker. I admire his work ethic and he has been an inspiration in my own approach to work.

Through a combination of positive and negative space, this portrait of my Dad shucking an oyster explores the ups and downs of oyster farming in Tasmania.