When I think about how living in Tasmania feels, I’m torn between so many emotions that I often have trouble describing it. I get asked what state I’m in from people overseas or from the mainland, and I find they put me in a box when I tell them ‘Tasmania’.

“Isn’t it boring over there? When are you going to move to Melbourne?”

As someone who has a crippling fear of flying, I wanted to express how I feel ‘stuck’, trapped in a place where my only way of leaving is to force myself out of my comfort zone. The idea to scan my face came about after I struggled to express myself honestly in front of a camera.

The scan invites people into the portrait, first with humour; as it’s quite goofy at first glance, to then read into the expression and state of the subject. I want them to feel how I feel, in a light-hearted way that says “well, I’m just a little uncomfortable.”