A friend to many, a teacher to some, my grandmother’s partner; Suzi has always been a grandmother to me. The brightness, warmth and colour of the acrylic paint is directly reflective of Suzi’s nature and of what she brings to our family.

The scene depicted is intended to capture a family evening up at Fern Tree, with only the warmth of the wood fire, the yellow of the walls and the sound of the blues from the ukulele to keep out the chill. I wanted this portrait to give any viewer a vivid sense of this place. As well as the environment, I wanted the portrait to capture Suzi. The barred jacket she is wearing was once black and white, but in a spur of the moment attempt to liven it up, Suzi decided to paint the stripes blue.

With her creativity, her humour, her music and her friendliness, Suzi can always liven things up, immediately transporting you to a warm happy place by the fire. I hope that this portrait will do the same, as well as acknowledge everything Suzi does for me.